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A Dance School and Theatre for Lausanne



Design Task Autumn Semester 2011


The design task is a dance school on the edge of the lake next to the Theatre de Vidy in Lausanne.

Vidy is a functioning theatre and the last remaining part of the 1964 Lausanne expo, which was designed by Max Bill.

The new school will be located in the empty land around the theatre in a position you choose. As well as the school the new building will include a dance theatre (independent of the Theatre de Vidy), a restaurant for students, visiting dance companies and the public and apartments for students and dancers.

Vidy is wonderful but remote. The school should form a productive relation with the existing theatre and convincingly animate the location.


The issues will be:

- Personal research on dance, dancers and dance theatres, at the same time
  as designing.

- Locating your building on the site

- Designing interior that is rich and stimulating for dancers

- Designing the interiors and façades at the same time as the plans

- Changing the plans to make better interiors and façades

- Working with digital models



Introduction and visit to the location in Lausanne:
Tuesday/Wednesday 20./21. September 2011.

We meet at Lausanne Train Station‘s meeting point in the main hall
at 12:45 on Tuesday 20. Sept. 2011.

Please make your own travel arrangements to Lausanne. If you travel by train, make sure your return ticket is valid for Wednesday 21. September. Trains to Lausanne leave from Zurich Main Station every half hour, we‘ll be on the 10:32 Intercity, arriving in Lausanne at 12:40.

We‘ll make a reservation in the Youth Hostel Lausanne for you.

In the evening we will attend a performence at the Theatre du Vidy.

Travel and accomodation at students‘ own cost
(Youth hostel from CHF 42.-, theatre ticket CHF 16.-)

Exercise Type: E (Entwurf ohne integrierte Disziplin); work in teams of two.


Contact: Studio HIL F61 / Office HIL H48 / fretton@arch.ethz.ch

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